French girl born 01/12/96. I'm quite hipster and I listen to indie and alternative music. I live in Nantes, on the west coast of France. I love singing, drawing, photography and writing. I realy like London city, I'd like to go there one day.
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I noticed that Jack automatically open his mouth when he’s putting his arms in the air…

I did some.

Hello you, I’m Ezra Koenig’s wife :3 hehe

This is my cutie rabbit named Wockie (inspired of Alice in Wonderland’s Jabberwocky) and me with the hat or the glasses. I made those badges Vampire Weekend, Cheshire Cat and Beirut :) Hope you like it ;)

Ezzy… YOU are porn. :3

Pictures taken today ;) they are selfportraits

Those puppies are sooo cute. They aren’t mine, but my haunt’s and grand-mother’s. The yellow one is named Polux (boy) and the brown one is called Iona (girl). They are brother and sister.

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